My Five Axis is an Italian company which buys and sells used machine tools, above all five axis machines. Thanks to our ten-year experience and our experts, we grant to our customers seriousness, expertise, reliability, rapidity and clarity.

The strong points of our company are:
-RELIABILITY: our machines are reconditioned and the quality is certified
-COMPETENCE: thanks to a thorough and longtime expertise in the field
-OFFER VARIETY: ever-growing suppliers from all Europe

Our customers have a complete service:
-SEARCH: we find used machine tools on sale thanks to our suppliers’ network
-EVALUATE: we carefully check the used machines to sell for FREE and DIRECTLY at the seller’s site
-IMPORT: we buy and import the suitable machines, WE PAY THE TRANSPORTATION FEES
-RESTORE: our technicians recondition and check the machine tools
-RESELL: the newly acquired machines are in the catalogue and can be sold


To satisfy every customer’s need My Five Axis
-grants a complete support during the transportation, installation and ignition of the machines
-offers specific financing services
-offers training courses about maintenance and workability